Welcome folks, to September. The wait is finally over. Fall has already begun to show it’s colors. From the leaves changing, to the drop in temperature. And with great anticipation, the best part is right around the corner.

We’ll trade beach trips for mountain hikes, iced lattes for Pumpkin Spice coffees, barbecue’s for bonfires and smore’s. We can finally start planning trips to the State Fair, haunted houses, and hay rides.

And with every change in season we remind our Filterheads Fans to check their filters. For newbies, you could have years of dirt, bugs, pollen, leaves, and fur clogging the airflow into the vehicle. For our regulars, you know the drill. Fall brings leaves, smoke, hay, and exhaust fumes from holiday traffic. You don’t need to add that frosting to what might be caked in there already.

Check your filters, enjoy the weather, and breathe easy this Fall.