We had a question come up on our YouTube page regarding the arrow on a preexisting cabin air filter. Paraphrased to explain the concern of 3 users: Clearly you can see the arrow of the one you are taking out in the video is pointing UP, but you are telling to point the arrow down. Shouldn’t the arrow be pointing up when we put the new one in?

Funny thing about Toyota, they don’t do air flow indicators. Theirs is simply an up arrow and says “UP”. There is no notation to which way the air flows. It’s like looking at a shipping box that says “this end up” it eliminates the user trying to figure out which way it should be turned. Toyota as far as we know, and have seen, is the only one who does this. Other vehicle manufactures and their models have filters horizontally (like Toyota),vertically, and diagonally placed. As well as in different areas within the vehicle. For example, a Nissan Rogue has it located vertically, on the Driver side, and behind the center console. Odd? Not really. But you can see how “UP” doesn’t really help. So Airflow Direction was the optimum means to correct that issue.