At Filtereheads we love our pets. We have photos of them in our offices, they show up as our screensavers, and every now and then one comes to visit us. Going for a ride with your animal in the backseat can be so much fun. We love traveling with our fur buddies. However, there is a downside: pet hair. It can get everywhere. And it always seems to embed itself into the backseat. Not only is it an issue for those with allergies, but it also creates a mess.

With pet hair comes dander. If you or someone in your life is prone to pet allergies, it’s a good idea to change your cabin air filter regularly. As air passes through the filter, it will capture dander and other contaminants in your car, making sure the air you breathe is clean.

Getting the hair off the seats can sometimes be a challenge. If there is just a small amount, usually a lint brush or some tape can lift the hair up. However, if your animal is shedder, or it’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned off the seats, it may take a bit more. Start off by vacuuming the seats to pick up any loose hair and debris. Follow this up with using a rubber pet brush. The rubber brushes are easy on fabric and won’t be harsh enough to scuff leather. These can be picked up anywhere from pet supply stores to online big box retailers. To use, brush the seats in one direction to gather up all the hair together. Once gathered you can easily vacuum up the pile of hair. You can use the same process with the carpets and floor mats.

With the right tools it can be easy to keep your car free of excess dander and animal hair. Enjoy your vehicles and stay safe and well!